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Guide to PCI DSS 3.0   Guide to PCI DSS 3.0   Complying with PCI-DSS Requirement 9.9
Insider Threat: Addressing the Threat Within   The Guide to PCI DSS 3.1   10 Common Myths About Risk Management
Fifty-eight percent of information security incidents are attributed to an insider threat; with 68% of those incidents coming from current or former employees.   PCI DSS 3.1 further clarifies the changes made in PCI DSS 3.0 by addressing 30 clarifications to existing requirements, four guidance points that serve to improve understanding of the requirements.   A prevailing myth in business has been that computers and networks are not subject to classic business rules. We have allowed their revolutionary nature to isolate them from the common sense we apply to other business problems.
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Complying with PCI-DSS Requirement 9.9   Gaining Executive Buy-in for Risk Management   The Best HIPAA Guide Ever
Complying with PCI-DSS Requirement 9.9 - A QSA's Perspective   Gaining Executive Buy-in For Risk Management: A 6 Step Guide   The Best Guide to the HIPAA Security Rule You'll Ever Read
With the release of PCI DSS v3.0, the 9.9 requirement was introduced to help organizations combat point of interaction (POI) device fraud by requiring them to inventory and inspect devices.   Perhaps the best leverage one has in getting executives to adopt information risk management is the knowledge that regulations are designed to be friendly to business.    If you have some responsibility in your organization for complying with the HIPAA Security Rule, then this guide is for you.
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Pentesting Guide   Guide to PCI DSS 3.0    
Vulnerability Assessment Services Frequently Asked Questions   The Guide to PCI DSS 3.0    
There is a great deal of information and misinformation in the marketplace with regard to exactly what penetration testing is and what you should expect from a penetration testing company.   Updated to PCI DSS 3.1 Above
The changes in PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 3.0 focus on some of the most frequently seen threats and risks that have led to cardholder data breaches.
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Creating Consensus & Organizational Efficiency Through Risk Management        
It includes an overview of risk management, critical questions you should be able to answer for your organization and guidelines on how to calculate your own acceptable level of risk.        
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