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Malware Defense

What is Modern Malware?

We are in a technical arms race with organized crime, state sponsored cyber espionage, and political hacktivists. These groups might have different goals but a common theme is the use of Modern Malware, also called Advanced Malware, to gain unauthorized access and use of your computer systems to fulfill their missions.

Modern Malware is malicious software specifically designed to go undetected as it gains control over your computer resources, spreads from system to system, steals data, and performs other nefarious actions under the direction of command and control systems (CnC). Unfortunately, today’s firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and antivirus solutions are not sufficient to contain this threat.

We are moving to a new paradigm in modern day computing—a model where malware infections are common and there is no silver bullet to protect our assets and stop this threat at the gate. To address these threats, organizations must learn to quickly detect, contain, eradicate, and recover from infections with the least amount of damage to their environment. Information technology and security teams will need to be trained with new tools and techniques to support the new security model. 

HALOCK Security Labs understands the challenges presented by Modern Malware and can help you adjust to this new threat.

Our Malware Defense services include:

  • Advanced Malware Threat Assessments—Using industry leading advanced malware detection technology and extensive security industry expertise, HALOCK can rapidly and accurately identify and report zero-day malware infections and advanced threats currently residing in your environment.
  • Malware Defense Strategy Development—Let HALOCK assist you in developing a comprehensive program to combat Modern Malware.
  • Malware Analysis—Are you suspicious that certain files might contain malware? HALOCK has the experience and tools to determine if you have been infected.

If you would like to know more about Malware Defense and how HALOCK can help you protect your critical business assets, contact HALOCK today!