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Information Security Advisors

HALOCK is the only information security consulting advisory firm that combines the thought leadership and diagnostic capabilities of the premiere management consulting firms with deep technical expertise and a proven ability to get things done. Unlike other information security firms, HALOCK is both your strategic and technical security partner, demonstrating excellence in both analysis and execution. 

HALOCK prioritizes and optimizes security investments by applying just the right amount of security to protect critical business assets and to satisfy compliance requirements and corporate goals. We call this Purpose Driven Security®

Your business is like no other. Let HALOCK custom design security solutions that are just right for you.

HALOCK is a U.S.-based information security consultancy that is privately owned and operated out of its headquarters in Schaumburg, IL. From mid-sized to the Fortune 100, our clients span a variety of industries including financial services, healthcare, legal, education, energy, SaaS/cloud, enterprise retail/e-Tail and many others. 

HALOCK partners with organizations looking to transform their business through proactive security measures to stay ahead of the threat landscape. If you are looking for an information security advisor that can diagnose and treat the risks that are threatening your business, contact a HALOCK security consultant today. We can help you achieve your information security goals.