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Advanced Malware Threat Assessment

Are My Systems Infected?

The sophistication of Advanced Malware far exceeds the protections provided by basic firewalls and endpoint antivirus solutions. Using advanced techniques such as spear phishing, social engineering, and a wide variety of other attack vectors, cybercriminals are likely to be in your systems without your knowledge long before they are ever detected.

Using industry leading advanced malware threat assessment technology and extensive security industry expertise, HALOCK can rapidly and accurately identify and report zero-day malware infections and advanced malware threats currently residing in your environment.

HALOCK’s Advanced Malware Threat Assessment can help you:

  • Determine if you are the target of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
  • Determine if malware is currently residing in your environment
  • Validate data theft concerns
  • Validate advanced malware and APT containment
  • Validate advanced malware eradication
  • Respond to a live incident or outbreak in progress
  • Extend your testing beyond penetration testing and automated scanning


Contact HALOCK today to discuss how HALOCK’s Advanced Malware Threat Assessment services can assist you in combating modern malware using today.