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If HIPAA Seems Hard...   If HIPAA Seems Hard...   If HIPAA Seems Hard...

Ransomware: Current Strains, Attack Vectors and Protection


A Judge Approved a Lawsuit Against Target.
His Reasoning is Good News for Business.

  If HIPAA Compliance Seems Hard, You're Doing It Wrong.

Staying ahead of security threats is no easy task. One threat that should definitely be on your radar is ransomware. 


Business and legal journalists have been expressing disappointment at Judge Paul Magnuson’s decision to allow third party banks to sue Target Corp after their cardholder data breach.  


In 2012, OCR and their audit partner KPMG set out to assess 115 organization and test a new HIPAA audit program, and to see what the current state of HIPAA compliance was. 

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Are tablets compliant?        
Are Tablets HIPAA Compliant?        

I hear this question very often. It is similar to the question, “Is email HIPAA compliant?” And while my gut often kicks in and I want to easily say, “No!” that is often a bad answer. 

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ISO 27110 is good security   Pen test overview
ISO 27001 Is Good Security and Good Business.   Not All Vendors Are Created Equal: A Case Study In Penetration Testing
When a multi-state law firm decided that securing their highly sensitive information and information systems was critical to their success, they turned to ISO 27001.    A major university located in the Midwest was interested in comparing HALOCK’s penetration testing services to those of a competitor to see if there were any material differences. 
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