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CISO Advisory Services

We Are In It Together

Today’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is in a tight spot; too few resources and a guaranteed series of security incidents to be accountable for in the coming months.

Today’s CISO faces a variety of challenges:

  • Too few personnel to assist in security operations
  • Too few resources dedicated to risk management
  • Lack of tools and methods to communicate to top executive management
  • Funding gap for controls, personnel and management processes
  • Difficulty covering all domains of security, security legislation, regulations, and client contracts
  • Too many security requirements
  • Organizations overall immaturity with security and risk management
  • Security risks are lost in translation to the board
CISO Advisory Services provide the CISO access to a team of highly skilled security professionals and a dedicated Security Advisor. The program is completely customizable to the needs of the organization and the CISO. As the CISO you decide which services fit your needs.

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