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Spring  2017

11 Insights into Cyber Insurance and How It Concerns Your Business | Penetration Testing Checklist | New York State Regulation Timeline | New Security Awareness Poster

Winter  2016
Ransomware as a Service | Cyber Criminals and IoT Devices | Risks of Employee Social Media Accounts |   New Security Awareness Poster

Fall  2016
October is Cyber Security Awareness Month (New Poster) | New: The Complete Guide to Security Assessments | 20th Anniversary of HIPAA

Summer  2016
The Latest on Ransomware | FTC's Comments About PCI DSS Certification | Privacy vs. Security | Which Security Assessment is Right for You?

Spring  2016
W-2 Social Engineering Scheme | Sending Sensitive Info Via Email Safely | McAfee® Email Security Solutions End of Life (EoL) | PCI 3.2 | New Security Awareness Poster

Winter 2015
Recognizing the Threat Within | HIPAA Checklist | HALOCK Heroes: Step up for Kids | EU Safe Harbor has been Bashed | 2016 Cyber Security Tips Calendar

Fall 2015
October is Cyber Security Awareness Month | New Guide: 10 Myths about Risk Management | Introducing the Advanced Threat Diagnostic | HALOCK named to Inc. 5000 list

Summer 2015
Finding the Right QSA | EMV: The Coming Shift in Liability | Pen Tester's Perspective on Password Safety | How Start-Ups Can Build Security Into Their Business from the Start

Spring 2015
PCI v3.1 is Coming Soon | SSL No Longer Considered Secure | How to Comply With PCI 9.9


Fall 2014
Gaining Executive Buy-in For Risk Management: A 6 Step Guide | PCI v3.0 Deadline is Quickly Approaching | Third Party Vendor Management Survey Results | Cyber Monday Poster | It's Time to Schedule your Year-End Pen Test

Summer 2014
Code Spaces Spaced Out On Data Security | Beyond Target®: Why Vendor Risk Management is Getting All of the Hype | Vendor Risk Management Presentations | Vendor Risk Management (VRM) Checklist

Spring 2014:
The Security Agent | Penetration Testing Frequency | Universities Remain a Rich Target for Hackers | The Walking Dead and Windows XP | Understanding the Heartbleed Vulnerability


Winter 2013
Penetration Test ≠ Vulnerability Scan | Are iPads HIPAA Compliant | Open Letter To Antivirus Vendors | Expecting The Unexpected, Removing Fear From A Security Incident

Fall 2013
HIPAA Compliance Update | FUD in InfoSec Employment | PCI-DSS V3.0 Change Highlights | Next Gen Malware Defense