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External Network Penetration Test

Are Your Internet Facing Networks, Hosts, and Services Secure?

How can you proactively assess new vulnerabilities and threats? Are you required by compliance, regulatory, or other external requirements to have the environment tested?

External penetration tests differ from automated vulnerability scans in that efforts are focused on actually exploiting weaknesses with the intent of gaining access to the environment. They are performed remote to the environment to simulate an external attack and include testing of networks, hosts, and responding services.

Testing is typically performed on a quarterly basis, continuously assessing various components of the infrastructure and applications to narrow the window for zero day vulnerabilities and minimize exposure for known vulnerabilities.
HALOCK also offers a variety of annual, semi-annual, and single-point-in-time testing programs to meet your compliance and security improvement needs.

If you would like to learn more about how External Network Penetration testing can enhance your security posture, contact HALOCK today!