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Incident Readiness

The Antidote to Surprise is to Prepare.

Proper handling of information systems and data during a security event is essential to preventing the spread of harmful malware, further loss of data, and increased legal liability. Your organization and staff must be aware, well trained, and diligent in following the appropriate Incident Response procedures to quickly and safely mitigate a security crisis.

HALOCK provides several Incident Readiness services to assist your organization in preparing for a security event. These include:

  • Incident Response Readiness Assessment—Let HALOCK’s IR security experts assess the current state of your Incident Response readiness and make recommendations for improving your security event preparedness.
  • Incident Response Planning—HALOCK can assist you in crafting a detailed Incident Response Plan to ensure your organization has an appropriate Incident Response roadmap should there be a security event.
  • First Responder Training—Already have a detailed Incident Response plan? HALOCK can provide customized training for your Incident Response Team to reinforce their understanding of how to respond to a security incident.
  • Incident Response Requirements Review—Your organization and partners may have specific legal, regulatory, and/or contractual breach notification requirements. HALOCK can assist you in identifying and harmonizing your notification obligations.

With information security events on the rise, preparedness is essential to minimizing the impact of a breach when it occurs. If you would like to hear more about HALOCK’s Incident Response Readiness programs and services, please HALOCK today .