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Incident Response Handling

You’ve Been Breached. What Now?

Don’t Panic. HALOCK is here is to help. If you are currently experiencing a security event, please call HALOCK’s Emergency Incident Response Hotline at 800.925.0559.

HALOCK’s incident response experts are experienced with all facets of Incident Response Handling, detection of advanced malware, forensic examination, criminal investigations, and crisis management regardless of the event’s size or severity. Our early involvement in the crisis can help your organization navigate through the incident, minimize the impact, and get you back to focusing on your organization’s purpose.

Whether it is a security breach, unexplained system failure, policy violations, information leaks, fraud, electronic threats, web site defacement, monitoring alerts, or other suspicious activity, HALOCK can assist you in stopping, analyzing, and mitigating a security incident.

Please contact HALOCK today to learn more about HALOCK’s Incident Response Handling services.