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Incident Response

I Am Experiencing A Security Event. What Do I Do?

Don’t Panic. HALOCK is here is to help. If you are currently experiencing a security event, please call HALOCK’s Emergency Incident Response Hotline at 800.925.0559.

Proper handling of information systems and data during a security event is essential to preventing the spread of harmful malware, further loss of data, and increased legal liability.

HALOCK’s Incident Response experts can guide you through the security crisis and get you back to focusing on your organization’s purpose.

Our suite of Incident Response services include:

  • Incident Response Handling—HALOCK subject matter experts are experienced with all facets of Incident Response Handling, detection of advanced malware, forensic examination, criminal investigations, and crisis management regardless of the event’s size or severity.
  • Crisis Management—HALOCK’s Crisis Management services help organizations manage executive communication, prioritize actions, and contain major security incidents quickly and with minimal impact.
  • Forensics—HALOCK’s forensic investigators can analyze your systems to determine what happened, how it happened, and what information was breached.
  • Breach Notification Counseling—In the event of a data breach, HALOCK can assist your organization in determining if and when notification is required.
  • Modern Malware Threat Assessment—HALOCK can rapidly and accurately identify and report zero-day malware infections and advanced threats currently residing in your environment.

When it comes to information security, it isn’t a matter of if you will experience a security event, but rather a matter of when. When a crisis strikes, let HALOCK be your guide.

If you are interested in hearing more about HALOCK’s Incident Response services, please contact HALOCK today .