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Internal Wireless Penetration Test

Are Your Wireless Networks Secured?

Wireless networks extend the internal environment to potential external attackers within range. Are your wireless networks secured? Are your public guest networks truly isolated from the private network?

Wireless penetration tests assess the adequacy of multiple security controls designed to protect unauthorized access to wireless services. HALOCK assessors will analyze and attempt to exploit wireless vulnerabilities to gain access to private (protected) wireless SSIDs authorized for testing. Additional test scenarios may be performed, such as when guest wireless access is provided to visitors with expectations that access is limited in some way.

HALOCK’s qualified team of penetration testers can work with you to evaluate wireless security controls and make detailed recommendations for improvement. In addition, internal wireless penetration testing can enhance your compliance and overall security profile

If you would like to learn more about how Internal Wireless Penetration testing can enhance your security posture and achieve compliance requirements, contact HALOCK today!