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Malware Defense Strategy

Do You Have an Effective Modern Malware Defense Strategy?

The best defense against Modern Malware is an effective plan to quickly detect, contain, eradicate, and recover from infections with the least amount of damage to your environment. HALOCK can help you design and plan your malware defense strategy so that you are in the best position to detect and respond to Modern Malware when the inevitable outbreak occurs.

HALOCK’s approach to developing a malware defense strategy includes detailed design and project planning for the implementation of modern malware defense actions. These include:

  • Review of key goals, success criteria, roles, and responsibilities
  • Review of initial deployment architecture requirements and plans
  • Review of integration considerations for collective projects
  • Review of best practice recommendations for policy prioritization, product roll-out, employee communications, incident response teams, workflow, metrics, and reporting
  • Providing an integrated project plan and timeline for proposed start and finish of implementation, including key milestones
  • Establishing a cost baseline for projects within the program


If you need help defining your Modern Malware Defense Strategy, contact HALOCK today to discuss how HALOCK can assist you in combating modern malware today.