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Remote Social Engineering

You’re Only as Strong as Your Weakest Link.

It is generally accepted that “users are the weak link” in security. Very few technical controls can compensate for the intricacies of human behavior such as a person’s natural tendency to trust another person. Remote Social Engineering exploits the “scripts” of human interaction—how people typically interact and what they expect to happen in a given situation—rather than exclusively leveraging technical security vulnerabilities to test the effectiveness of security awareness training and stated security policies and processes such as incident response.

Remote social engineering is a externally initiated assessment performed under controlled conditions designed to validate the effectiveness of user security awareness and incident response processes. Testing includes leveraging a carefully crafted fictitious “malicious” website, email campaigns to targeted employees, phone contact, or through other customized attack scenarios..

If you would like to test your “weakest link,” contact HALOCK today to discuss our Remote Social Engineering services and programs.