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Requirements Review and Gap Assessment

Do You Know Your Security Obligations?

Information is now a regulated asset just like energy, food, currency, and others. There are a growing number security laws, regulations, and standards that may apply to your organization. Does the HIPAA Security Rule apply to you? How about PCI DSS, Massachusetts 201 CMR 17.00, SOX Audit Standard 5, or FISMA? Do you have contractual obligations regarding security with your customers and partners?

Leveraging our extensive knowledge of the security industry, HALOCK can identify which requirements apply to your business. We conduct a series of interviews with key personnel and review existing contracts and documentation to determine all applicable security constraints. We then harmonize those requirements—identifying the strictest rule in each security domain so that you know exactly what your obligations are.

In addition, HALOCK can help you determine your current state of compliance regarding an individual requirement or all identified security obligations. Our Gap Assessments survey your people, processes, documentation, and technologies to determine the maturity of your compliance with applicable security requirements. We identify the gaps and provide you with a roadmap to close those gaps over time.

If you would like to know what a Requirements Review and Gap Assessment can do for you, contact HALOCK today.