Security Threat Managment

Keep an Eye on Your Active Threats

Security Threat Management Program

The biggest threat to organizations are undetected breaches and inaction to remediate. The average time to identify a breach is 201 days, with the average containment time being 70 days*. An attacker would have almost a year to complete the mission – data exfiltration, installation of backdoors, accessing passwords, and/or impacting business functionality.

Be on Guard. HALOCK’s Security Threat Management (STM) program continually monitors your organization – providing alerts, blocking improper access, malicious behaviors and attacks. The goal is to reduce the average time to identify and contain a breach to less than 2 business days, offering you peace of mind by reducing your risk.

Security Threat Management Components

Proactive Protection

Daily monitoring and Analysis: Reviews of activity to identify and act upon abnormal activity in real-time.

Project Updates: Weekly status meetings summarizing activities, modifications, and recommendations.

Reporting: Daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting

Security Resources: Tools to monitor and protect endpoints and web-based applications.

Real-Time Containment & Protection

Alerting & Incident Response Support


*Ponemon Institute: 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study

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