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Web Application Penetration Test

Are Your Critical Web Applications Protected?

Conducting business on the Internet has become an essential requirement for almost every organization. However, those Web applications are exposed to near constant bombardment from entities looking to exploit vulnerabilities for malicious purposes. A frequent, in-depth security review of those applications is necessary to ensure that your critical assets are protected.

Web Application Penetration Testing, focuses on conducting information gathering followed by testing configuration and deployment management, identity management, authentication, authorization, session management, data validation, error handling, cryptography strength, business logic, client side security, and other development language specific tests as appropriate. Cybercriminals use these vectors of attack for privilege escalation, profile and data access control bypass, and other purposes to gain access to your systems, data, bandwidth, and computing power.

HALOCK’s approach to Web Application Penetration Testing provides a flexible framework for comprehensively identifying and evaluating technical vulnerabilities. Testing is typically performed with prior knowledge to ensure a deep understanding of the purpose of the application. Credentials are provided to facilitate a review not only from the perspective of an unauthorized user, but also to identify potential authenticated risks such as privilege escalation from an authorized user’s perspective. We analyze and correlate identified weaknesses that could potentially be leveraged to gain access and escalate privileges throughout the environment. Should HALOCK gain access, detailed attack scenarios are tested to demonstrate the path a malicious user could use to gain further control of your systems.

If you have an online presence, you need a Web Application Penetration Test. Contact HALOCK today to discuss our Web Application Penetration Test services and programs.