Advisory & Strategic Planning

Cybersecurity risk evaluation for M&A matters, and to assist clients who are changing their business operations.

Example Engagement
Advisory & Strategic Planning for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

A pharmaceutical was planning a significant change in their operations, but needed to understand the potential risks and liabilities they might have faced when they took on protected health information (PHI).

HALOCK worked with the client’s external counsel to help evaluate the information security and compliance risks in the proposed environment.

Using Duty of Care Risk Analysis (“DoCRA”) counsel and HALOCK analyzed the risks of the proposed new venture and developed a roadmap that was evidenced as a “reasonable and appropriate” end-state. By evaluating the inherent risks of the proposed venture, and by receiving recommended safeguards that were demonstrably less burdensome than the risks, the client was able move forward with due care for their customers, and in compliance to regulatory requirements.

Download the DoCRA Checklist.

Duty of Care Risk Reasonable Security Checklist

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