Penetration Testing

Are Your Systems Secure?

What is a Penetration Test?

A measure of the operational effectiveness of security controls, penetration testing demonstrates what a malicious individual could accomplish.

Performed under controlled conditions, penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities that can be leveraged by an attacker to gain access, and provides detailed recommendations to proactively implement countermeasures to prevent real world exploitation of identified vulnerabilities.

How Do You Know Your Systems Are Secure?

Penetration testing (or pen testing) demonstrates what a malicious individual could accomplish while simultaneously measuring the effectiveness of existing security controls. Test findings include detailed recommendations that allow organizations to proactively implement countermeasures to prevent real-world exploitation of identified vulnerabilities.

HALOCK’s qualified team of pen testers has extensive experience in application development, network engineering, risk management and compliance management. Our recommendations are qualified, accurate and tailored to the needs of your organization.

Our detailed and thorough planning and testing methodology ensures that all testing is conducted in a way that minimizes the risk of disruption to your environment. And finally, our pen tests are comprehensive and include exhaustive exploitation attempts, eliminating false positives and ensuring that results are accurate.

Reasons for Conducting Penetration Testing

  • Baseline external and internal pen testing to validate the effectiveness of security controls
  • Recurring testing programs to minimize zero-day threats
  • PCI DSS 11.3 and 6.6 specific testing to be compliant with PCI DSS
  • Penetration tests to support risk assessments (including NIST 800-30 and ISO 27005)
  • Penetration testing as part of a deployment cycle for new infrastructure or applications
  • Penetration testing as part of due diligence for company acquisitions and third-party agreements

How Often Should You Perform Pen Testing?

Testing is typically performed on a quarterly basis, continuously assessing various components of the infrastructure and applications to narrow the window for zero-day vulnerabilities and minimize exposure to known vulnerabilities.

HALOCK also offers a variety of annual, semi-annual and single-point-in-time testing programs to meet your compliance and security improvement needs.

Why should HALOCK perform our penetration test?

HALOCK has the experience. For over two decades, HALOCK has conducted thousands of successful penetration tests for companies of all sizes, across all industries.

HALOCK’s dedicated penetration test team is highly qualified, possess advanced certifications, and are equipped with the labs, tools, and methodologies necessary to consistently deliver quality, accurate, detailed, and meaningful results.

HALOCK Value of a Pen Test

Quick Video on the Value of a Pen Test

HALOCK leverages industry standard methodologies to ensure a thorough and comprehensive test is conducted under safe and controlled conditions. HALOCK’s reports are content rich, regularly stand the scrutiny of regulatory requirements, exceed expectations of auditors, and frequently receive the praise of our customers. HALOCK does not simply validate automated scans. HALOCK’s expert team discovers vulnerabilities not yet published and often not yet discovered. Exploits are pursued, documented step by step, with screen capture walkthroughs, to provide both the technical and visual clarity necessary to ensure corrective actions can be prioritized and remediation is effective.

What deliverables do HALOCK’s penetration tests provide?

The complete results of the penetration test are documented in our content rich HALOCK Penetration Test Report which include summary of findings, detailed findings, test timeline, scope and methodology, and supplemental content are included for context and reference. The comprehensive look at the test and results is outlined in Detailed Findings, which documents and explains each vulnerability, its impact, evidence, instances observed, and recommendations for remediation. Exploits are visually documented step by step to demonstrate impact and ensure a complete understanding of how the exploit is performed.

While you cannot always choose if a penetration test needs to be conducted, you can ensure it is performed by a provider that will deliver the results you expect.

Download our Penetration Testing Overview.