Security Management Services

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Security Management Services

For more than two decades, HALOCK Security Labs has helped implement and maintain information security programs to help protect our clients’ critical assets. Our Purpose Driven Security® approach utilizes risk assessments and risk management principles to prioritize and optimize your security information management investment. Through the Duty of Care Risk Assessment (DoCRA) standard, HALOCK helps to define Acceptable Risk and Reasonable Controls that considers all interested parties without overly burdening your organization. We apply the right amount of cyber security assessment and management to protect your organization’s mission, objectives, and obligations – satisfying compliance requirements and supporting social responsibility and corporate goals. You achieve reasonable and appropriate risk and security management strategies. Getting to reasonable has never been easier.

Maintaining your Security Program is a priority for HALOCK.  Our Risk Management Program can provide you with on-going fractional cyber security experts, tools and frameworks to operate and maintain your program to keep risk low and align with the needs of all parties. We support your management of risks operations.

HALOCK can provide you with the perspective, tools and frameworks to prioritize and control cyber security asset management initiatives so that they align with corporate objectives and are more likely to succeed in your unique environment.



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