Government agencies are increasingly under threat from malicious actors as the scale and complexity of federal, state and municipal IT services expands to meet the needs of digitally native citizens. For attackers, government networks represent tempting targets. Aging infrastructure often empowers undetected access to valuable user data which can be used for short-term gain or long-term compromise.

To address existing security challenges and mitigate advanced infosec threats, agencies need government cyber security solutions capable of identifying key weak points, delivering cutting-edge solutions and future-proofing critical IT infrastructure.

Bridging the Gap

According to a recent GAO audit, there’s a growing gap between government information security threats and the response of federal and state agencies. Awareness isn’t the issue — public breaches and evolving threats are constantly grabbing headlines. So, what’s the disconnect?

Put simply, governments face the problem of two symptoms and one source. The first symptom is specificity — agencies often recognize the risk of cyber threats but lack comprehensive security plans. The second problem is existing infrastructure. In many cases, governments lack the IT expertise and resources necessary to improve their security posture.

The source of both these concerns is complexity. The sheer volume of citizen data — from information governed by HIPAA and GDPR rules to data covered under PCI requirements or state-specific laws around privacy and security such as CCPA — makes it difficult for agencies to identify key security solutions, much less implement them at scale.

Solving this problem means thinking outside existing governmental structure to leverage innovative, third-party solutions capable of delivering improved security without compromising key operations.

Cutting the Red Tape

At HALOCK Security Labs, we’re committed to delivering top-tier federal government information security solutions that help cut through red tape and reduce total complexity, including:

  • Compliance Compliance rules and regulations are constantly evolving, and governments can’t afford to fall behind. Our compliance services help government agencies assess, mitigate and reduce their total compliance risk.
  • Incident response and forensicsSecurity incidents happen. When they do, agencies must be prepared. Our incident response services empower incident response to limit the scope and cost of a breach, while our forensic solutions help identify the root cause.
  • Penetration testing The scale and complexity of government systems present opportunities for hackers and challenges for in-house IT. Government penetration testing from HALOCK Security Labs helps find and secure potential weak points before they’re exploited by malicious actors.
  • Third Party Risk Management/Vendor Risk Management – Ensure third-party partners are aligned with your organization’s risk controls. Vendors and contractors serve as an extension of your group. They represent you and should operate under your business requirements. HALOCK can help build and manage a specific program for your environment.
  • Risk Assessments – Regulations require your safeguards be reasonable to your organization, customers, and partners. With many frameworks available, how do you establish your acceptable risk? The Duty of Care Risk Assessment (DoCRA) helps you define a balanced security strategy factoring in compliance and safeguards based on your specific business and objectives.

Public Service, Custom-Built

Public-facing government IT services are under increasing scrutiny as citizens demand improved protection of health, finance and other personal data. At HALOCK Security Labs, it’s our mission to deliver custom-built, purpose-driven government cyber security solutions that address unique agency challenges while reducing total complexity.

Effective government information security demands more than awareness of emerging cyber threats. Agencies must both deploy new solutions and manage existing infrastructure to meet current needs and safeguard against evolving cyber threats.

Power to the people starts with better data protection. Let’s talk.