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HALOCK’s Cloud Security Assessment gives you insight on your risks. The assessment provides a review of Azure, AWS, and Google (GCP) cloud environments to identify risk and recommends how to remediate them. HALOCK combines manual analysis of these cloud platforms using the applicable CIS benchmarks combined with the Tenable Cloud Security solution. Clients receive a comprehensive look at cloud environments, allowing them to better enhance their security. HALOCK will provide analysis for the following security areas:

Identification of:

  • Assets related to all user, computer, network, data, management and security resources.
  • Potential toxic combinations of access privileges, non-secure configurations, and vulnerabilities.
  • Accounts that are over-privileged, unused, and may pose higher risk.
  • Anomalous events based on the behaviors of account usage and access.

Analysis of:

  • Security events
  • Logging and monitoring configuration
  • Configured policies
  • Deployed subscriptions and applicable configurations
  • Authentication methods
  • Network architecture as deployed
  • Configured security center capabilities

The Methodology and Deliverables

  • Manual review using the appropriate security benchmarks from CIS for Azure, AWS, and GCP.
  • Automated review using Tenable Cloud Security.
  • A detailed report with prioritized findings and recommendations to address findings.

The Cloud Security Assessment identifies

  • Critical configuration flaws
  • Inventory of cloud assets and identities
  • Unused and over-privileged accounts
  • Toxic combinations
  • Non-secure ports and protocols in use
  • Permissions on assets and services that are too permissive
  • Exposed secret keys

HALOCK Cloud Security

Why Choose HALOCK?

As authors of the DoCRA Standard and developers of CIS RAM, HALOCK has specialized insight to guide you through a risk method to establish reasonable and appropriate security. Risk expertise like no other.


The HALOCK Security Briefing is a review of significant events, trends, and movements that will influence how you manage cybersecurity, risk, and compliance. Our clients receive periodic overviews with an extensive report on the topics discussed. There are reference links throughout the report for easy navigation and deeper research.

HALOCK, a trusted risk management and cybersecurity consulting company headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, near Chicago, advises clients on reasonable security throughout the US.

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