Security Architecture Review

Insulate Your Workforce from the “Bad Guys”

Security architecture reviews are non-disruptive studies that uncover systemic security issues in your environment. They are ideally suited for organizations wanting to maximize their return on any security technology investment by evaluating their needs and validating the security of their existing deployments. The result is an actionable roadmap to help remediate identified security deficiencies. 

Security Architecture

When Should a Review Be Performed?

Organizations should undertake a security architecture review under the following conditions:

  • You experience a security breach.
  • You are planning a network redesign or expansion.
  • Your business expansion needs exceed current network capacity.
  • You need more insights/data into your network environment.
  • You want to reduce the burden of regulatory compliance (e.g., PCI, HIPAA).
  • You think vulnerabilities are present in your network infrastructure.
  • You have contract obligations with business partners and customers.
  • Your business is planning or recently completed a merger or acquisition.
  • Changes have been applied to your network environment.
  • Major upgrades were performed to your network environment.

Security Architecture Review Results

HALOCK’s review methodology produces actionable results. You receive observations, perceived deficiencies and remediation recommendations that address the following in your environment:

  • LAN Architecture
  • WAN and Remove-Access Architecture
  • Wireless Architecture
  • Security Operations
  • Tools and Solutions

HALOCK has developed its extensive security architecture review methodology based upon guidelines developed by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and CIS (The Center for Internet Security) as well as tactical experience gained through engaging with companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Using information gathered during interviews with key personnel, system documentation and configuration data extracted from security devices, we assess the current state of your technical security posture and produce actionable remediation steps to address perceived security gaps.

Ransomware Threat Assessment


The HALOCK Security Briefing is a review of significant events, trends, and movements that will influence how you manage cybersecurity, risk, and compliance. Our clients receive periodic overviews with an extensive report file on the topics discussed. This insightful document also includes reference links throughout the report for easy navigation and deeper research. 

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