Incident Response Technology Review

Check Your IR Readiness and Requirements

Incident Response Requirements Review

Are you aware that when an incident occurs, you have certain breach notification obligations? HALOCK provides IR breach management services to help you identify and coordinate notification obligations that apply to you and those that apply to your customers, suppliers and partners. After we learn your cyber security breach requirements, we help you create a plan of action to handle required notifications.

What should be included in your incident plan regarding notifications?

  • Identification of your data breach notification requirements
  • Determination of incident scenarios (breach unlikely, breach, contained disclosure, etc.)
  • Per each scenario: who, what, when, why, what message, how and who is authorized to send
  • Templates for internal communications, breach notification letter and press release
Incident Response Technology

” … the service was excellent … the Incident Response Plan was very well executed.”

– Industrial Manufacturing company

HALOCK helps your team establish your internal team incident response communication plan:

  • Establish a mechanism for communication.
  • Define a schedule for status updates.

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