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The biggest threats to organizations? Undetected breaches and delayed remediation. Consider: The average time to identify a breach is 201 days, with the average containment time being 70 days*. This gives attackers almost a year to complete their mission — which could include everything from data exfiltration to installation of backdoors, accessing passwords and/or impacting business functionality. The result? Companies must be prepared to handle evolving cyber risk even as IT deployments expand to encompass cloud, mobile and IoT technologies.

Reasonable Security Cyber Threat Monitoring

Cyber Threat Management Components

The key to successful information security threat management is proactive protection – services and solutions that help your organizations be on guard against potential threats and take action before cybercriminals can compromise your network.

HALOCK’s threat management information security solution delivers proactive protection through six key areas of focus:

Daily Monitoring and AnalysisIt’s not enough to know that abnormal activity is occurring in your network — to take effective action, you need to know now. HALOCK’s daily threat monitoring and cyber threat analysis tools provide real-time data about ongoing system activity, in turn giving IT staff the data they need to make informed decisions and take immediate action.

Project Updates IT security is never static. The threats faced by your organization change week to week as attackers look for new exploits and vulnerabilities. Our cyber threat management solution includes weekly status meetings that provide current activity summaries, details of any modifications made to combat cyber security threats, and recommendations for improving overall network defense.

Reporting — Effective InfoSec frameworks depend on reliable data to both evaluate current impact and inform new deployments. That’s why our cyber threat intelligence offering provides daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting — giving you the source data required to fine-tune security responses and frustrate cyberattackers.




Reasonable Security Cyber Threat Reporting




Security ResourcesThe right tools make all the difference in safeguarding endpoints and web-based applications. HALOCK’s STM solution provides the threat management information security tools you need to reliably monitor endpoint and application activity, in addition to the security resources necessary to take action if threats are detected.

Real-Time Containment and ProtectionCyber attacks can happen anytime, anywhere. Mitigating their impact means meeting them head on, with real-time containment and protection. HALOCK’s cyber threat management solution gives your team the ability to contain threats before they reach critical network functions, then analyze these threats to provide improved protection moving forward.

Alerting and Incident Response SupportManaging alerts and incident response protocols is a critical facet of successful information security risk management, but the sheer volume of alerts and response actions needed can quickly overwhelm local IT departments. At HALOCK, we provide best-of-breed cyber threat monitoring, alerting and incident response support to both address emerging threats and simplify IT management.

Security never sleeps. Stay on guard with HALOCK STM. 

Cyber Security Threat Monitoring
HALOCK Reasonable Cyber Security Threat Management
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*Ponemon Institute: Cost of Data Breach Study

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