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Cyber security threats are on the rise. From increased cloud attack surfaces to targeted email compromises and fileless malware frameworks, companies face a continually shifting landscape that puts data, networks and users at risk.

For IT (information technology) services firms such as software developers, website designers, analytics providers and even cutting-edge AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) creators, however, tech data security is often assumed — after all, these businesses have IT experience and are on the cutting-edge of development, design and deployment.

In fact, robust cyber security for IT companies is often more difficult to achieve than for their non-technology counterparts. With so many moving pieces across on-premises datacenters, public and private clouds, and employee mobile devices, the opportunity for IT compromise increases exponentially. Plus, with many IT services now in high demand across market verticals, it’s easy for technology firms to be focused on delivering best-of-breed products and services to their clients and lose sight of internal data and network security.

HALOCK can help.

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Solving for Security at Scale

Informed by increased mobile adoption and prioritized by pandemic pressures, IT services are now in high demand worldwide. For example, application development has been “supercharged” over the last year as companies were compelled to quickly pivot from in-office to remote work operations.

Other services such as big data analytics, robotic process automation (RPA) and advanced AI design have also experienced a significant uptick, especially as businesses recognize the benefits of remote and in-office teams capable of completing critical tasks anytime, anywhere and from any device. However, this massive market growth comes with a caveat: IT information security.

While IT companies recognize the need for robust perimeter defenses, intelligent detection and effective remediation, many are facing the realities of a growing IT skills gap: As demand for IT services grows, so does the difficulty in finding skilled staff who haven’t already been contracted by industry competitors.

As a result, IT services firms often struggle with information security. While they recognize the need for robust defenses to ensure data protection and to meet evolving regulatory and compliance requirements, they lack the staff to implement these solutions at scale. As business demand ramps up, it’s often easier for firms to prioritize getting products out the door or services up and running. While security is always on the priority list, it’s often overtaken by more immediate concerns.

Managed IT data security solutions can help service firms connect the dots on digital defense without needing to spend time and money hiring and training in-demand infosec staff. The right managed partner can offer custom-designed, purpose-built solutions that address specific needs and allow IT companies to focus on what matters most: digital business.

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Cyber Security Services From HALOCK Security Labs

At HALOCK Security Labs, we specialize in creating customized, best-of-breed security solutions to meet evolving business needs. For IT services firms with deep technology experience, this often means delivering purpose-built solutions designed to work alongside existing functions and frameworks to ensure client networks and data remain secure anytime, anywhere.

Our information technology cyber security services include:

Cloud penetration testing

Many IT services firms use a mix of in-house servers, cloud services and open-source software components to deliver the freedom and flexibility required to meet evolving market demand. This creates potential IT network security pitfalls, however, as attackers may be able to leverage existing weaknesses, missing upgrades or zero-day exploits to gain access.

HALOCK’s cloud-based penetration testing services can help IT firms identify critical weak spots and remediate vulnerabilities before attackers have the chance to compromise these assets. Additionally, while one-off testing can help ensure initial cloud security, our recurring pen test program delivers consistent peace of mind that effective protections are in place.


Cloud data risk assessment and testing

Your data is your most valuable asset. So, where is it stored? How is it classified? Encrypted? Transported? A Cloud data risk assessment from HALOCK provides the insight you need to identify, classify, and defend data assets in place — and take active steps to increase overall security. HALOCK’s Duty of Care Risk Assessments (DoCRA) can help your company establish reasonable and actionable data safeguards that meet evolving compliance expectations and ensure you’re taking the right steps to minimize risk.


Risk and security system maintenance

Risk is on the rise across the IT market as hackers look for new ways to exploit critical weaknesses and subvert existing defenses. Our ongoing risk maintenance services offer continuous evaluation to reduce your total risk profile.


Cloud compliance testing

Compliance matters more than ever as global and national legislation evolves to better protect consumers, clients and their data. This is especially critical for IT services companies that work directly with client data sources to create applications or web solutions. Cloud compliance testing from HALOCK can help ensure that your approach remains within regulatory guidelines such as HIPAA, CCPA/Data Privacy, PCI DSS, CMMC Readiness.


Incident response

Breaches are always a possibility, no matter how prepared companies are for current security threats. As a result, IT services firms must have robust and reliable incident response (IR) plans that detail what steps are necessary to contain, mitigate and remediate threat damage. As part of your plan, ensure your teams are ready to act in the event of a breach – incident response training is just as crucial as the plan.  From tabletop exercises to run books, we will prepare your team.

HALOCK can help — our Incident Response Readiness as a Service (IRaaS) program makes sure you’re prepared for potential threats.


Third-party risk management (TPRM)

From cloud providers and software vendors to hardware suppliers and contractors, no business operates in isolation. Our TPRM services deliver comprehensive risk assessments to ensure that provider practices are aligned with your security posture.


Secure cloud strategy development

As markets expand, IT firms are constantly investing in new cloud services and technology solutions to ensure agility and adaptability. This necessitates a cloud development strategy that prioritizes both service and security to ensure data and networks are defended. HALOCK has you covered with cloud-based pen testing, vulnerability analysis, security engineering and security architecture review.


Privacy frameworks

From CCPA to GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS, data privacy and protection is now critical for compliance. Our Sensitive Data Scanning as a Service (SDSaaS) solution can help you monitor your sensitive data and ensure client data remains protected.


Cyber security awareness training

Staff are a critical link in the cyber security chain — especially with so many employees working remotely and accessing sensitive data on home networks. Cyber security awareness training from HALOCK can educate personnel about their potential infosec impact and equips them with actionable strategies to reduce total risk.


Security engineering and tools

Cyber security for software developers and other IT providers relies on robust technology infrastructure. HALOCK can help your team monitor and manage this infrastructure across your IT stack with advanced threat monitoring programs, security architecture reviews, sensitive data scanning and proactive problem detection.


Threat Hunting or Managed detection and response (MDR)

With threat landscapes continually evolving, IT services companies need robust MDR and threat hunting programs to deliver improved visibility across expanding network environments.


Cyber security maturity model certification (CMMC) readiness

The new CMMC is mandatory for any IT services companies working with the Department of Defense (DoD) or bidding on DoD projects. HALOCK can make sure you’re prepared to meet CMMC requirements.

Reasonable Security is Defined

The Sedona Conference – an influential think tank that advises attorneys, regulators, and judges on challenging technical matters – released its Commentary on a Reasonable Security Test. The Commentary is the first document of its kind that provides the legal community with a clear definition of a “reasonable” security control.

HALOCK’s Chris Cronin was a co-author of Commentary on a Reasonable Security Test. To learn how to apply the test, contact us