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As Americans, we love lists.  That fact is self-evident when browsing our favorite blog sites, as many blogs start out with catchy headlines like, “The Top 5 ______ (fill in the blank).”  The love of lists is rooted deeply in our culture. We loved the Top 40 countdown for generations when it came to … Read More »


Multi-Factor Authentication is the New Standard
The use of a password for authentication is technically referred to as single factor authentication. The fact is that anything beyond a game site or online news source should be protected by more than just single factor authentication. In the hyper-connected world in which we live in today, it … Read More »

Cleverly Disguised Ransomware Infecting Chrome Users »

A new variant of ransomware is spreading via poorly secured websites and the Chrome Web Browser. Users are fooled into downloading what they think is a missing font pack in order to resolve the error. This attack technique is not uncommon, and has been recently reported delivering click-fraud malware, and now, ransomware. Click-fraud malware … Read More »

Evolution of Phishing Attacks and the Billions it is Now Costing Corporations »

It was 23 years ago that the first Nigerian phishing attacks appeared in the inboxes of users across the world. Known today as the Nigerian 419 scams, these emails of deceit were cleverly crafted around the premise of a Nigerian Prince and his financial accounts which were being frozen. As a result, his … Read More »

Simple Ways to Prevent Multi-Million Dollar Losses from BEC »

In February of 2016, Fischer Advanced Composite Components (FACC), an Austrian aerospace parts maker servicing customers such as Airbus and Boing, fired its CEO of 17 years. The driving factor in the dismissal was the company’s reported income loss of 23.4 million euros during the encompassing fiscal year. As a comparison, the … Read More »

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