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About Our Company

HALOCK is a U.S.-based risk management and information security consultancy that is privately owned and operated out of its headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois. From mid-sized to the Fortune 100, our clients span a variety of industries including financial services, health care, legal, manufacturing, supply chains, education, energy, SaaS/cloud, enterprise retail and many others. HALOCK strives to be your security partner, providing both strategic and technical security offerings. We combine strong thought leadership, diagnostic capabilities and deep technical expertise with a proven ability to get things done. HALOCK helps clients prioritize and optimize their security investments by applying just the right amount of security to protect critical business assets while satisfying compliance requirements and corporate goals. As principal authors of CIS Risk Assessment Method (RAM) and board members of The Duty of Care Risk Analysis (DoCRA) Council, HALOCK offers the unique insight to help organizations define their acceptable level of risk and establish “duty of care” for cybersecurity. Through this risk assessment method, businesses can evaluate cyber risk that is clear to legal authorities, regulators, executives, lay people, and security practitioners. Services: Security Management, Risk Management and CIS RAM and DoCRA Risk Assessments, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Risk & Cybersecurity Due Diligence,  Compliance Validation (HIPAA, PCI DSS, Privacy, CMMC), Pen Testing (External Network, Internal Network, Wireless, Web Application, Social Engineering, Assumed Breach, Adversary Simulation, Remediation Verification, Pen Testing Program), ISO 27001,  Incident Response (Live Breach Response, Incident Response Plan, Incident Response Training, Technology Review, Run Books, SLA, Compromise Assessment, Security Engineering (Security Architecture Review, O365 Azure Security Architecture Review, Threat Hunting or MDR, HALOCK Industry Threat (HIT) Index, Security Products).


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