Patient health information security is top priority for organizations, and with good reason. Recent data shows that health care experiences twice the number of cyberattacks as any other industry.

Health data security is constantly evolving as patients and staff require access via mobile devices, while more traditional IT environments such as on-premise servers are now high-priority targets for malicious actors hoping to steal medical data and/or blackmail companies for access to their information.

At HALOCK, we’ve put in the time and effort to create health record security solutions capable of both meeting current needs and growing with your organization to provide long-term support. Here’s how we can help.

The Health Care Trifecta: Complexity, Compliance and Cybercrime

There’s a reason health care companies face more cyberattacks than those in other industries: The sheer amount of data contained in medical records far outstrips information collected by retail, legal or financial institutions. These records often include personal information, medical histories, prescriptions, credit card data, and information about next-of-kin or other family members.

Thus, when it comes to medical records security, health care businesses face the triple threat of complexity, compliance and cybercrime. Rapidly increasing data volumes from multiple sources grows infosec complexity, while government agencies and standards organizations create new compliance regulations require reasonable security controls based on mission, objectives, and obligations. Cybercriminals, meanwhile, are leveraging historic weaknesses and developing new threats to compromise patient health information security.


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What We Do

HALOCK’s team of industry experts has developed a range of security services to help your health care organization better manage current issues and prepare for new attacks, including:

  • HIPAA and PCI Compliance: Compliance regulations such as HIPAA are critical to ensure medical records security meets government standards. PCI compliance for health care is also essential. With the scope of health industry services rapidly expanding, many companies now store and retain at least some credit data, making them subject to PCI DSS requirements. HALOCK can help identify and satisfy key compliance obligations.
  • Security System Management: The massive volume of potential health care security issues means you need to spend InfoSec budgets wisely to ensure maximum impact and minimum disruption. Our experts have the industry knowledge you need to prioritize and optimize security investments.
  • Penetration Testing: As health care IT grows more complex, companies increasingly rely on third-party and open-source solutions to streamline deployments and infrastructure. Penetration testing from HALOCK helps identify potential vulnerabilities and deploy remediation strategies before attackers compromise your network.
  • Health Care Incident Response: Should you experience a breach, HALOCK has the tools and expertise you need to quickly recover after a security incident and track the problem to its source.
  • Third Party Risk Management/Vendor Risk Management – Ensure your health care third-party partners are aligned with your organization’s risk controls. Vendors and contractors serve as an extension of your group. They represent you and should operate under your business requirements. HALOCK can help build and manage a specific program for your environment.
  • Risk Assessments – Health care regulations require your safeguards be reasonable to your organization, patients, and partners. With many frameworks available, how do you establish your acceptable risk? Do you know the best risk management strategy for you?  The Duty of Care Risk Assessment (DoCRA) helps you define a reasonable security strategy factoring in compliance and safeguards based on your specific facility, objectives, and social responsibility.

Why HALOCK for Health Care?

HALOCK and the health care industry share common ground — purpose-driven results. For health care, this means designing treatment options that target root causes and solve underlying issues. At HALOCK, our purpose-driven security mandate means delivering optimal security in the right place at the right time to boost overall health data security without causing unintended side effects to productivity.

When you require reasonable safeguards for health care information security,  talk to HALOCK.

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