Incident Response Plan

Plan to Fail — Don’t Fail to Plan

The Element of Surprise

Despite the increasing prevalence of IT attacks, many companies assume they’re not at risk. Some believe they’re too small to hold value for hackers, while others assume that existing security controls will automatically detect and eliminate incoming attacks. As a result, organizations are often surprised when network breaches occur, giving malicious actors the time and freedom to steal critical data or cripple corporate systems.

Addressing these threats demands more than simply recognizing their potential. Companies must embrace the need for incident response planning that treats cybersecurity incidents as realistic, relevant and high-risk.

The Best Defense is a Good Cyber Incident Response Plan

IT security companies are working tirelessly to combat emerging threat vectors — but even the best technology on the market won’t protect your business without an incident response plan in place. HALOCK Security Labs has the expertise and experience necessary to help draft a custom-built plan that both addresses your specific operational needs and provides step-by-step guidance to help manage IT threats.

Our five-point process includes:

  1. IR Readiness Assessment. Do your current IR plans meet NIST 800-61 and other best practices? If not, we suggest practical ways to close the gap.
  2. Incident Response Requirements Review. What are your obligations in the event of a data breach or loss? We help identify and harmonize reporting requirements.
  3. Point-by-Point Incident Response Planning. From the actions of first responders to specific responsibilities, roles and tasks, we create an IR plan that is testable, reliable and adaptable.
  4. First Responder Training. Need to shore up IR responder training? Our IR experts help ensure that your team is up to the task.
  5. Critical Checklists. Are you ready for potential attacks? Our incident response checklist gives you the peace of mind that comes with solid preparation.

What’s the result of our comprehensive response planning? A detailed incident response roadmap that gives your team the tools and timelines needed to quickly address, mitigate and reduce the risk of an attack.

HALOCK is headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, in the Chicago area and advises clients on information security strategies, risk assessments, penetration testing, security management and architecture reviews, incident response plans, and HIPAA & PCI compliance throughout the US.

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