Businesses are adopting the cloud, and it makes sense. Increasing need for on-demand access combined with evolving mobile and IoT deployments poses a significant challenge for on-site solutions. Add in the expanding IT skills gap and it’s no surprise that public, private and hybrid cloud uptake is on the rise.

But there’s a caveat — security. Recent survey data found that 60 percent of infosec experts believe organizations are “embracing the cloud at a rate that outpaces their ability to secure it.” This creates a paradox. Companies can’t afford to ignore the cloud but can’t overlook the need for improved cloud data security, effective network testing and robust infosec strategies.

If you need to secure your cloud-based business without sacrificing critical process performance, HALOCK Security Labs can help.

The Cloud Security Paradox

Ten years ago the cloud was an outlier praised for its utility but criticized for a lack of robust, uniform security controls. Now, cloud security solutions have emerged to defend applications and data both on- and off-premise and go beyond the limitations of traditional firewalls and gatekeeping.

Many cloud providers now stake their reputation on great security, and in many cases the level of protection offered by cloud services meets or exceeds on-site solutions. However, the sheer size of cloud deployments coupled with rapid business uptake creates a problem of speed rather than distance: Despite best efforts, it’s easy for new technology to outpace effective cloud data security.

As a result, organizations need a combination of generalist, provider-side security and expert infosec expertise.

Cloud-Based Cyber Security From HALOCK Security Labs

At HALOCK Security Labs, we’re committed to building partnerships with clients. We serve enterprise and midsize companies in finance, health care, energy, retail and a host of other industries. It’s our goal to meet organizations where they are — and right now, that’s in the cloud. That’s why we offer a variety of cloud-based cyber security solutions, including:

  • Cloud penetration testing — Most enterprise clouds contain a mixture of in-house, third-party and open-source components. The result? Your cloud network may contain unknown vulnerabilities and weaknesses hackers could use to gain access. HALOCK Security Lab’s cloud-based penetration testing services can help identify and remediate these issues ASAP.
  • Cloud security testing and risk assessment — What’s the most likely attack avenue for cyber criminals? Where is critical data located? How is it protected? Our security testing and risk assessment services provide the insight you need to prioritize and optimize security deployments.
  • Cloud compliance testing — Compliance in the cloud is critical because data-driven organizations — not cloud providers — are on the hook for due diligence in protecting personally identifiable information and health, legal and financial data. HALOCK Security Labs helps your company identify key compliance requirements and ensure you’re meeting expectations.
  • Incident Response – When a breach does occur, you need to address the attack immediately, contain it, and remediate the threat. Having a trusted, expert incident response team to stop, fix, and an ongoing incident response plan to keep your data secure.
  • Third Party Risk Management/Vendor Risk Management – Ensure third-party partners are aligned with your organization’s risk controls. Vendors and contractors serve as an extension of your group. They represent you and should operate under your business requirements. HALOCK can help build and manage a specific program for your environment.
  • Risk Assessments – Regulations require your safeguards be reasonable to your organization, customers, and partners. With many frameworks available, how do you establish your acceptable risk? The Duty of Care Risk Assessment (DoCRA) helps you define a balanced security strategy factoring in compliance and safeguards based on your specific business and objectives.
  • Cloud strategy development — Cloud deployments are constantly evolving. The result? Your security strategy must keep pace. Trust our experts to assist in the design and implementation of agile, adaptable security plans.

Custom-Built Protection

At HALOCK Security Labs, we recognize that every cloud security testing deployment is unique — and we design with that in mind. Our custom-built protection plans leverage the critical concept of purpose-driven protection: finding the right amount of security and implementing it the right way to both maximize data defense and minimize business disruption.

Time to boost your cloud-based cyber security? Let’s talk.