HALOCK Industry Threat (HIT) Index

Industry Trends on Threats & Attacks

Certain industries can help plan for specific threats affecting their profession. Brick-and-mortar businesses can suffer from physical attacks that compromise point-of-sale. Highly regulated industries can be impacted from personnel errors handling sensitive data. The patterns, when seen as data, are unmistakable.

Compare the HIT Index information to the strength of your controls that would prevent or detect those attacks. Estimate the most and least likely ways your organization will suffer a cybersecurity or information security incident.

Cyber Industry Threat Index

Leverage the HIT Index to predict the likeliest threat vectors — paths cybercriminals use to gain access and take advantage of vulnerabilities in networks or devices — for your particular industry.

We can help you incorporate likely threat vectors into your organization’s existing risk analysis (Risk = Impact x Likelihood). Use that risk calculus as a guide to help your company prioritize risks based on foreseeable threats that could harm the company itself or others outside the organization, including customers, vendors, and more.

The HIT Index will help support your risk management strategy in our evolving cyber landscape. Learn more about your industry and establish reasonable safeguards as regulators require.

Data Breach News

HALOCK Breach Bulletins
Recent data breaches to understand common threats and attacks that may impact you – featuring description, indicators of compromise (IoC), containment, and prevention.

2023 Cybersecurity and Regulatory Calendar Compliance requirements and proposed rules that may impact your organization, with resources and references to help you make informed decisions.

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