Sensitive Data Scanning as a Service (SDSaaS)

Ongoing Data Management

With this continuous program, you are assured of visibility and status of your critical data through:

  • Data Classification and Tagging
  • Active monitoring and alerting
  • Weekly reporting of data violations
  • Monthly solution tuning
  • Remediation of sensitive data identified
  • HALOCK-managed scan monitoring and reporting
  • HALOCK-managed tool maintenance

Benefits to Your Team:

  • Identify where sensitive data is located in the organization
  • Monitor and alert on violations respective to sensitive data
  • Repeatable process that can expanded across the enterprise and to acquisitions

You can also opt for a one-time or periodic sensitive data scan.

Review how HALOCK’s sensitive data scanning can strengthen your security posture efficiently and effectively.

Data Breach News

HALOCK Breach Bulletins
Recent data breaches to understand common threats and attacks that may impact you – featuring description, indicators of compromise (IoC), containment, and prevention.

2023 Cybersecurity and Regulatory Calendar Compliance requirements and proposed rules that may impact your organization, with resources and references to help you make informed decisions.

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