Communications Cyber Security

Digital data now defines the communications industry. From traditional telecom providers making the jump to technology-first deployments to cellular carriers and fiber optic network developers, data in transit is the currency of corporate success. It demands comprehensive cyber security to bolster consumer confidence and reduce overall risk.

Cell Tower Cyber Security

Talking the Talk

Talk isn’t cheap — creating the physical and digital infrastructure necessary to deliver on-demand communication and collaboration services at scale is expensive, time-consuming and necessary for telecommunication companies to compete in a digital-first world.

Data-first deployments have also driven an uptick in malicious attacks. Consider the following scenarios:

  • Denial-of-service efforts that obstruct network functioning
  • Business and consumer account compromise that see attackers gaining access to key IT assets
  • Ransomware threats that hold critical functions hostage unless companies agree to pay

The result is an evolving digital environment that requires telecom IT services to create security-first frameworks capable of detecting potential attacks, identifying network vulnerabilities, and proactively defending data from malicious misuse. For many organizations, however, telecom cyber security doesn’t come naturally. With limited budgets and overworked IT teams, effective infosec can slip through the cracks. HALOCK can help.

Fiber Optic Cyber Security

Walking the Walk

At HALOCK, our expert team can bolster your wired and wireless cyber security efforts with services including:

    • Security Management: The scope and scale of telecommunications infrastructure requires ongoing partnerships with third-party providers. Yet what happens if these providers put data at risk of theft or compromise? Third-party risk management from HALOCK can assure all vendors are aligned with your organization’s risk controls. Ensure your team is aware of your internal policies and procedures to be compliant and secure. Educate your organization with security awareness training on potential threats and how to proceed if they are targeted by an attack.
    • Data Privacy Compliance: As customers shift more data into digital communication infrastructure, telecom providers must guarantee this data remains protected. Our data privacy compliance services help yield consistency, control and communication across your organization to safeguard personally identifiable information (PII) and meet CCPA requirements.
    • PCI DSS Compliance: Protect your customer credit card information and adhere to PCI requirements. Get a head start on PCI DSS v4.0.
    • Incident Response Readiness & Forensic Services: Be response-ready in the event of a data breach. Have a plan of action for detection, communication, eradication, remediation, and business continuity. Engage the team to build on your behalf with your input, or develop internally with advisory services – we work with your preferences and needs. Should you experience an incident, we can help identify what and how the attack occurred and help your operations recover and get stronger from the experience.
    • Security Engineering and Products: Where is your security architecture working as intended? Where does it need improvement? A comprehensive security architecture review from HALOCK assesses the current state of your security and delivers actionable recommendations to improve overall infosec posture. Prepare for potential cyber attacks that impact your organization – review the HALOCK Industry Threat (HIT) Index to see common threats. Conduct Sensitive Data Scanning to maintain current data inventory of what, where, and how much private information you have on your systems – ensure you have business resilience in the event of a breach.

Data Storage Server Cyber Security

Making the Call With HALOCK

At HALOCK, it’s our mission to provide purpose-driven security that’s designed to meet your requirements — delivering protection where you need it most. For cyber security in telecommunications, this means creating security frameworks that account for potential third-party risk, enhance data privacy, assess current architecture and reduce system risk.

It also means balancing security efforts with performance and ROI. We recognize that in the rapidly changing world of telecommunications, your company can’t afford to be burdened with cumbersome, compute-intensive security processes. Instead, you need reasonable safeguards that solve key security issues while simultaneously streamlining operations.

Ready to take on telecommunications cyber security challenges at scale and defend your digital data? Contact HALOCK. Let’s talk.

Defining Reasonable Security for Communications Organizations

Reasonable Security Cybersecurity