Penetration Testing Program

Ongoing Validation of Security Controls.

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The goal of recurring penetration testing is to identify vulnerabilities before they get exposed to threat actors. In addition to reducing exposure of vulnerabilities, the recurring penetration testing program integrates remediation verification testing to hold technical teams accountable to fixes. Over time assets included in the program have fewer and fewer vulnerabilities reducing overall risk and liability.

Our trusted pen testing methodologies make it easier for you, harder for bad actors.

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The Penetration Testing Program provides companies a streamlined method to:

  • Meet compliance obligations (PCI or client contract requirements)
  • Hold technical teams accountable to remediation
  • Demonstrate on-going testing to interested parties
  • Proactively manage risk, resulting in fewer vulnerabilities exposed for shorter durations

Review how HALOCK’s Penetration Testing Program can strengthen your security posture efficiently and effectively based on your timing – whether ongoing testing on many assets throughout the year or a standard point-in-time test.

External Network, Internal Network, Wireless, Web Application, Social Engineering, Remediation Verification Penetration Testing.

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