Continuous Penetration Testing Program

Ongoing Validation of Security Controls.

Continuous Pentesting: What It Is and How It Works

Continuous penetration testing is the process of regularly evaluating networks and services for potential weak points. While point-in-time pentesting is useful to identify and remediate specific threats, the changing nature of IT landscapes means that new challenges are continually emerging. With HALOCK’S continuous automated penetration and attack testing program, companies gain ongoing visibility into network operations, in turn enabling proactive rather than reactive security response.

In practice, continuous testing requires three components: automatic scanning tools that can quickly find code vulnerabilities, continuous monitoring solutions capable of tracking and managing new assets, and integration with existing IT frameworks to ensure new scans are conducted whenever changes are made.

Key benefits of a continuous approach include:

  • Reduced costs: Continuous testing can help save money on recovery and remediation costs. By detecting attacks as early as possible, IT teams can take steps to reduce their impact, in turn limiting the damage done or avoiding them entirely.
  • Improved visibility: Recurring tests also provide greater visibility into IT environments. By regularly scanning networks and connected services, companies can create a comprehensive view of IT environments and keep this view continually updated as new services and applications are added.
  • Increased efficiency: Fixing small issues takes less time and effort than tackling big problems. With continuous testing, IT teams gain a granular view of what’s happening on their network, when it’s happening, and how it’s taking place. This knowledge makes it possible for teams to respond as early as possible in the threat lifecycle.
  • Enhanced compliance: IT compliance is now critical to business operations. Companies must demonstrate due diligence in detecting, identifying, and addressing security threats — if this due diligence is absent, businesses could face fines or sanctions. Continuous testing programs remain in compliance with evolving local, national, and global legislation.

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The goal of recurring or continuous penetration testing is to identify vulnerabilities before they get exposed to threat actors. In addition to reducing exposure of vulnerabilities, the recurring penetration testing program integrates remediation verification testing to hold technical teams accountable to fixes. Over time assets included in the program have fewer and fewer vulnerabilities reducing overall risk and liability.

Our trusted pen testing methodologies make it easier for you, harder for bad actors.

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Our Continuous Pen Testing Program provides companies a streamlined method to:

  • Meet compliance obligations (PCI or client contract requirements)
  • Hold technical teams accountable to remediation
  • Demonstrate on-going testing to interested parties
  • Proactively manage risk, resulting in fewer vulnerabilities exposed for shorter durations

Review how HALOCK’s Penetration Testing Program can strengthen your security posture efficiently and effectively based on your timing – whether ongoing testing on many assets throughout the year or a standard point-in-time test.

Why Choose HALOCK for Continuous Testing?

At HALOCK, we have the industry experience and technical expertise to create continuous pen testing programs that meet business needs. We recognize that every deployment is unique — your vulnerabilities and weak points won’t be the same as another organization’s. Our teams work with your IT professionals to create a plan of action that helps find, identify, and eliminate security issues across evolving IT environments.

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The HALOCK Security Briefing is a review of significant events, trends, and movements that will influence how you manage cybersecurity, risk, and compliance. Our clients receive periodic overviews with an extensive report file on the topics discussed. This insightful document also includes reference links throughout the report for easy navigation and deeper research. 

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