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WIRED: Beware of Transfer Funds Requests Poster

Before you do a wire transfer, take a closer look. Hackers are harvesting your client data and using it to steal money. CROSSED WIRE Hackers use client data to pose as account administrators. They request fake payments to have you wire money into their accounts. LIVE WIRE Electronic fund transfers are convenient, but hackers can […]

Not so fast . . . an infographic

Employees strive to be efficient. But at what cost? Lean operations can benefit, but in the right areas. Infosec requires due care. Sometimes, offices may not have enough resources to securely operate. This requires existing staff to do much more in less time. Secure your office speed limit with these friendly reminders on how to secure […]

Your Employees are Targets. Social Engineering is Increasing.

Even with advanced technology and security, your data is still at risk. Studies indicate that hackers are focusing on your teams to gain access to your networks and information. Social engineering is on the rise. This is a method of manipulating your teams into performing actions in order for an unauthorized person to get access […]

Data Breach Litigation: How to prepare for the Worst Case Scenario

The master of literary horror and suspense Stephen King once said, “There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.”  These words of wisdom are apropos in most aspects of life, especially when it comes to cybersecurity matters for your organization. 

HALOCK Annual Outing at Arlington Park

HALOCK celebrates over 20 years as an information security firm at the annual outing at Arlington Park. This year is quite special, as HALOCK co-developed with CIS® (Center for Internet Security), 

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