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Comprehensive Incident Response Services

Are you prepared for a cybersecurity incident? Whether arising from external system hacking, advanced malware, phishing, or other malicious tactics, cybercrimes have the potential to compromise your critical assets, confidential information and even the integrity of your business. That’s why you must be prepared with an effective security response as soon as you detect an incident.

“The response time was great. HALOCK was able to help put us on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

– Electrical Equipment Supplier

HALOCK gives you the tools to properly handle a security event so you can help prevent the spread of harmful malware, further data loss and increased legal liability. Your staff must be aware, well trained and diligent in following your response procedures to quickly and safely mitigate a security crisis.



How HALOCK Helps

It all starts with preparation. HALOCK’s Incident Response Readiness services include development of the Incident Response Plan (IRP), Incident Response Team Training, First Responder Training, an Incident Response (IR) Technology Review, a Threat Hunting service, and a Service Level Agreement for Live Incident Response. All of this is to provide a comprehensive program to monitor, detect, respond, and recover efficiently to threats and incidents. In addition to preparing for an incident, our professionals are experienced in cyber incident response services, including response handling, detection of advanced malware, forensic examination, criminal investigations and crisis management. Our security experts are ready to assess your current incident response readiness and help you prepare before a security event occurs. Remember: It’s not a question of if an event will occur, but when an event will occur — so be prepared for a cyber attack such as phishing, zero-day exploits, SQL injection, or ransomware. And when a crisis occurs, we get involved early to help your organization navigate the complexities of a security incident and minimize the impact to your business. Choose from either the fully managed Incident Response Readiness as a Service (IRRaaS) option for continuous IR Readiness or the one time IR Essentials package to get started.



Reasonable Security is Now Defined

The Sedona Conference – an influential think tank that advices attorneys, regulators, and judges on challenging technical matters – just released its Commentary on a Reasonable Security Test. The Commentary is the first document of its kind that provides the legal community with a clear definition of a “reasonable” security control.

HALOCK’s Chris Cronin was a co-author of Commentary on a Reasonable Security Test. To learn how to apply the test, contact us. What is your cyber security incident response strategy? HALOCK, a trusted cyber security company headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, near Chicago, advises clients on reasonable information security strategies, risk assessments, third-party risk management (TPRM), penetration testing, security management,  architecture reviews, and HIPAA, Privacy, & PCI compliance throughout the US.  


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