Incident Response Readiness as a Service (IRRaaS)

Response-Ready. At All Times.

At the Ready.

Incident Response Readiness As a Service

Because of the ever-present danger of a new cyber threat or attack, your incident response readiness is consistently evolving. The plan or training you developed earlier this year may need to already be updated. While you can periodically make adjustments to your plans, our reliance on digital transactions can surface new and more complex vulnerabilities and exposure. A more reliable and effective approach is to have an ongoing incident response strategy that actively manages the comprehensive process for you.

Incident response responsibilities are challenging, and being able to manage them at an increasing pace leaves you at risk. HALOCK can partner with you to manage your comprehensive Incident Response Readiness as a Service (IRRaaS). An IRRaaS team will be at the ready to provide:

Ongoing implementation of an incident response readiness strategy can support and complement your risk mitigation goals by enabling you to:

  • Meet NIST 800-61 and NIST CSF standard for incident response
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Discounted cyber insurance through qualifying carriers
  • Reduce dwell time by 99%
  • Reduce probability and impact of an incident
  • Reduce liabilities

Review how an Incident Response Readiness as a Service program can strengthen your security profile.

View the Compliance Week Webinar, “Five Deliverables Every Cybersecurity Team Needs to Survive, Thrive and Comply with the New SEC Cybersecurity Rule.”

  • Defining a Clear Line of Acceptable Risk below which you can accept risks and above which you must remediate.
  • Ensuring your security program is Legally Defensible and complies with the new SEC Cybersecurity Rule.
  • Understanding and Presenting the Known Risk to your organization.
  • Providing the C-Suite with a Roadmap of your Cybersecurity Program.
  • Communicating Risks and Justifying Expenditure Requests in business terms.

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