Compromise Assessment

Exposing Clear and Present Cyber Danger

Diagnostics Can Be Run Individually or Combined

Network and Application. Perform dynamic analysis of zero-day attacks within a full-featured virtual analysis environment. Generate real-time advanced malware security intelligence and malware threat metrics, effectively making the unknown threats known. Listen, record and analyze visible application information traversing your network. The diagnostic is passive and does not enforce any policy or impact any network communication.

Endpoint. Deploy software agents on your endpoints. Agents are passive, listening to all activities that occur at the endpoint, recording and sending the information to the management console for HALOCK analysis.

Web. Identify the types of attacks your web facing assets are experiencing.  Pinpoint attacks that are successful breaching your Internet facing web applications.

Email. Deploy a cloud email gateway for passive inspection of inbound and outbound email content. The gateway inspects and reports only on malicious and sensitive content detected within email.


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