Incident Response Readiness (IRR) Essentials

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Streamlining Your IR Program Development

Incident Response Readiness (IRR) Essentials
Reasonable Security Incident Response
Reasonable Security Incident Response Essentials
Reasonable Security Incident Response Readomess

Simple as 1-2-3. The IRR Essentials Package provides you with all of the elements to develop your company’s incident response readiness program quickly plus a consulting team to help you navigate your specific technical questions throughout the process. You receive comprehensive incident response consulting with directions, templates, cyber security training, and advisory services that guide you along the development process to help create a robust and resilient Incident Response Program.

IRR Essentials enables you to be compliant and “audit-ready”.


The IRR Essentials solution incorporates best practices as well as industry standards and regulations that organizations should address for incident response planning.  Our expert team did thorough research to review numerous information security standards and laws and identified more than 200 incident response resources and related requirements. The content is cited using footnotes to map directly to the original requirement, allowing teams to easily incorporate security goals to build out the IR plan, policy and standard. This cohesive approach ties all standards, policies, requirements together for users and withstands the scrutiny of an audit, as everything is documented.


Incident Response Readiness Templates Cyber


Incident Response Plan Template

Included is a full incident response plan template complete with references to many security standards, including but not limited to: NIST, ISO, HIPAA, PCI, CIS, GDPR, DFARS, NERC CIP, 23 NYC 500.
  • The template is a full plan, ready to publish after customization.  If your organization is without an incident response plan checklist – this plan is basically “ready to go!” It is also formatted to accept and integrate any existing materials easily.
  • Template Highlights:
    • Scope
    • Team Framework Suggestions
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Key Definitions
    • Incident Type Examples
    • Incident Response Plan Checklist Framework– Triage, Investigation, Containment, Eradication
    • Links to Payment Brand Specific Procedures
    • Diagrams for each phase
    • Communications Strategies
    • Communications Plan Framework
    • Communications “Breach Notification” draft messages – ready for customization
    • Recommendations for Recovery, Lessons Learned, Planning and Prevention
    • Forms to be completed during an incident
  • Features
    • Each section has MS Word “Comments” so authors can see the intent of the section, and what would be options for customization. 
    • Video Training walks the author through each section so customization can happen gradually as you go.

Incident Response Policy Template

A full incident response management policy template which includes references to all of the aforementioned standards as necessary.
  • Turn-Key policy – contains “ready to publish” language – just decide what policy clauses make sense for your organization.
  • Change/Remove/Add policy clauses as necessary to support your organization and incorporate key incident response resources.
  • Similar to the IR Plan, elements that are added to support the numerous standards and laws are footnoted so authors know the source of the various elements (e.g. you will know what you can safely remove if that referenced standard is not important to your organization).

Incident Response Internal Standard Template

A full incident response management internal standard template, which will house all of the rules, tools, technology, process, measurements, objectives, frequencies, approvals that are needed to support the policy clauses and help develop incident response team training initiatives.
  • This document contains the details of how each of the policy clauses are or will be implemented – the rules, tools, technology, etc.


IRR Training


Pre-Recorded Training Videos (17 videos approximately 180 minutes)

Covering the customization of the IRR templates.
  • Ranging from 6 to 15 minutes – these videos walk the author through the incident response plan templates – in a conversational, helpful manner.

Live Training Session (2 hours)

Reviewing tabletop scenarios based on real-life security incidents.
  • Based on the IR Plan template, your organization can attend a 2-hour incident response team training
  • Tabletop scenarios will be reviewed based on the plan.

Live IRR expert counseling and advisory services (4 hours)

As a full-service incident response plan company, HALOCK can assist with IR Plan creation and more.


IR Consulting


You also benefit from a review of your technology assets as part of the IRR Essentials program.
  • An analysis of the current technology in place that may be used to assist in a cybersecurity incident response including a documented maturity rating for each area of focus (based on NIST SP 800-61 guidelines).

  • Focus Areas
    • Preparation: Artifacts and processes that can aid in incident response.
    • Detection and Alerting: Ability to detect and alert on potential incidents.
    • Prevention: Ability prevent and/or minimize the extent of damage and propagation of detected incidents and/or laterally spreading within an organization.

  • IR technology recommendations to close gaps and increase maturity scores.

  • Live IRR technical counseling and advisory services (2 hours) to assist with the creation of a high-level IRR gap remediation plan.


Reasonable Security Incident Response Alert

Should you find that you need additional guidance for your team, you have the option to add-on services.

We can help you streamline the process with incident response consulting that includes a ready-made roadmap and expert team assistance to help build your incident response readiness plan.


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