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by design is a continuous improvement process with Risk Management at the core.  

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HALOCK will review all aspects of the environment that store, process or transmit cardholder data to ensure compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard. 

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Performed on an external or internal environment. Our job is to exploit weaknesses and provide solutions.

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Advanced malware is a new breed of persistent cyber threat to obtain financial and personal information. 

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HALOCK provides comprehensive and discreet incident response handling services and forensic analysis.

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Information Security Consulting
You Can Trust

Companies can no longer afford to sideline IT security — the average cost of lost or stolen records jumped to almost $160 in 2016, and the consolidated cost of a data breach reached $4 million. The result? Organizations need security measures that are proactive, intuitive and effective; but don’t hamper day-to-day performance or ROI. That’s where Halock Security Labs can help; as one of the leading security consulting firms, our Purpose Driven Security® offerings are custom-built to provide exactly the IT defenses you need, when you need them the most.

Top Threats

Threats to your network can come from anywhere, anytime. Popular examples now include:

  • Ransomware — What happens if critical systems are locked down and files encrypted?
  • Trojans — Is your current IT security system capable of detecting malicious code designed to activate on command and steal sensitive data?
  • DDoS Attacks — Technology evolutions such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing have enabled widespread and devastating denial-of-service attacks. Are you prepared?

Best Practices

Staying safe demands a balance of thought leadership and diagnostic capabilities; a security partner able to assess your current network needs, develop a custom-built plan, and then implement and monitor the impact and efficacy of this solution. It’s a combination of analysis and execution, the ability to both discover relevant data and act on it in a meaningful way. At Halock Security Labs, we believe this is the foundation of great IT security — your company is unique, and deserves defensive solutions designed from the ground up to both satisfy compliance requirements and exceed corporate goals.

The Purpose Driven Promise

Put simply, Purpose Driven Security® is a service philosophy that focuses on defining and implementing just the right amount of security; not too much, not too little. It’s striking the balance between keeping you safe and ensuring your company can conduct business as usual — we recognize that you operate your company in the real world, one filled with potential threats, emerging technologies and stakeholder expectations. It’s our job to ensure you can comfortably do yours; Purpose Driven Security® puts you in control and ensures you’re never without assistance in the event of a data breach, malware attack or DDoS attempt. Ready to evolve your IT security posture, empower corporate interests and minimize risk? As a leader in information security consulting, Halock Security Labs has you covered: Contact us today to learn more about our information security management services and discover the protection of Purpose Driven Security®.

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