Security Awareness Training

Don’t Learn About Security the Hard Way!

Most cyber attacks exploit weak or stolen employee credentials; your employees are the stewards of your critical data and information assets and, with the proper security awareness training, corporations can enlist the assistance of all employees to mitigate risks.

Benefits of an effective security awareness training program include:

  • Compliance.
    Many regulations and standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 12.6, require implementation of a security awareness program in order to achieve compliance.
  • Executive Management Support.
    Support from executive management creates a holistic security message throughout an organization and facilitates awareness and acceptance from all employees regarding security policies and procedures.
  • Common Security Language.
    Using consistent terms and language defines security for all employees in words that are relevant and appropriate for their roles, environment and corporate culture — from operations and IT to human resources and other functions.
  • Risk Management.
    Identification of risk allows for the recognition of vulnerabilities, and treatment of risk minimizes exposure to threats and reduces liability.

Typical categories covered in the training include, but are not limited to:

    • People
      • Privacy
      • Social Media
      • Social Engineering
      • Insider Threat
    • Process
    • Malware
    • Email/Instant Messaging
    • Websites
    • Mobile Device
    • Phishing
    • Spear-phishing
    • Whaling
    • Cloud
    • Home Network
    • Ransomware

Whether via hosted eLearning coursework or a fully customized security awareness training program, HALOCK’s learning specialists will guide you to the solution that best fits your needs.

The framework of the training is “scenario-based” where attendees will be provided with Cyber Rules & Safe Practices for common scenarios attendees will find themselves in.  Periodic Knowledge Checks engages participation with attendees.


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