Maintain Your High Standards. Expand the expertise, support, operations, and analysis to a dedicated Security Maintenance Team.

Blue Cyber Security Planning


  • Risk analysis to organize risk treatment options into clearly defined projects
  • Arrange the projects into a tactical roadmap
  • Define the major project activities, dependencies, benefits, and expected deliverables
  • Estimate high-level investment in personnel, skills, resources, timelines, and budgets.

  • Green Cyber Security Computer


  • Establish an Information Security Group (Security Management Team)
  • Management of remediation projects
  • Update the risk register with new threats and vulnerabilities
  • Track the reduction of risk level when risk treatment plans close
  • Continuous analysis of threats that are causing reported security breaches in your industry
  • Dashboard updates on risk remediation progress
  • Regular executive-level presentations providing Security Program updates


    Support your team through a fractional Full Time Equivalent (FTE) to address needs for:
  • Engineering personnel
  • Governance personnel
  • Audit personnel
  • Compliance personnel
  • Experienced practitioners for remediation optimization
  • Executive Engagement

  • Purple Cyber Security Tools


  • Guidance for incorporating measures and metrics into individual control development
  • Develop a high-level audit plan
  • Integrate audit findings into the Risk Register to evaluate the effectiveness of controls
  • Prepare for internal and external audits

  • Cyber Security Maintenance Program
    Learn how the HALOCK Cyber Security Maintenance Program Team can support you.

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