Risk Remediation Services

Leverage HALOCK’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
Risk Remediation

Executive Reporting RISK Assessment

  • Executive Reporting
  • Recurring meetings
  • Update Risk Register
  • Develop KRIs
  • Manage Risk Treatment activities

Risk Remediation

  • Develop content
  • Live training
  • Recorded training

Policy Template NIST ISO PCI

  • Policy Templates Library (NIST, ISO, PCI)
  • Policy development/customization
  • Standards and Procedures Workshop

Incident Response Plan IRP

  • IR Plan development
  • IR Plan and First Responder training
  • Tabletop exercises
  • Run Book development

Incident Response Service Level Agreement

  • SLA & deduct from retainer at 1.25x for each hour

TPRM Questionnaire Templates

  • Questionnaire templates
  • Develop program
  • Perform assessments

IT Internal Audit

  • Develop measures of effectiveness
  • Develop audit program
  • Perform audits

Risk Assessment Security Operations

  • Design and implement security solutions

  Reasonable Risk  

Risk Management Program TOC
Risk Management RISK Needs Requirements
Risk Management Process Risk Intellectual Property
Reasonable Risk GRC Portal Risk Remediation Services

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