Why HALOCK for Your Risk Management Program?

What the Risk Management Program Can Do for You
HALOCK Risk Management Program

Reasonable Security
Demonstrate Reasonableness to ALL interested parties

Reasonable Risk GRC
Business Friendly, Legally-based GRC Portal (Reasonable Risk)

Risk Intellectual Property
Access to Intellectual Property to build Security Program

IT Security Staff Virtual
Virtual Security and Risk Staff (Access to industry experts)

Compliance Drivers
Build the Foundation for ALL Compliance Drivers

Risk Register Risk Treatment
Keep Risk Register and Treatment Plans Current

Industry Trend Briefing
Regular Quarterly Briefings on industry trend developments

Cyber Threat Risk
HIT Index on new threats and threat modelling for your risk strategy

Risk Management Program TOC
Risk Management RISK Needs Requirements
Risk Management Process Risk Intellectual Property
Reasonable Risk GRC Portal Risk Remediation Services

Let’s review your risk profile to enhance your security strategy.