Breach Response

HALOCK works with clients and counsel to support organizations that have been breached.

Example Engagement
Breach Response for a Debt Collection Service

A debt collection service reported a potential theft of debtor data by a disgruntled employee. Suspicion of theft arose from colleagues who saw the employee print a massive report just prior to quitting without notice. The debt collection service was subject to multiple regulations and wanted to be sure a criminal forensics investigation stayed within bounds of its cause to prevent regulatory complications.

HALOCK worked with counsel to carefully guide the responding detective to the few files and resources on the employee’s laptop that would have indicated whether there was reasonable suspicion of a breach. This enabled the detective to determine that there was no probable cause to take further action while preventing extraneous exploration, avoiding un-necessary breach disclosure, and providing sufficient evidence of due diligence after the suspicious activity.

DoCRA Checklist Duty of Care Risk Assessment

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