Duty of Care Risk Assessment Upgrade for Reasonable Security

My organization wants to upgrade my risk assessment based on duty of care (DoCRA) or CIS RAM
Duty of Care Risk Assessment Upgrade. Your risk assessment may not be serving the organization well. In fact, it may be providing evidence that the organization is in fact negligent as custodian of information assets (PII, credit card numbers, intellectual property, custom information, etc).
If you follow CIS Controls, download CIS RAM:

download CIS RAM for Reasonable Security

To assess your risk method against the Duty of Care Risk Analysis standard (DoCRA), step through the DoCRA checklist. If you are looking for assistance in bringing your risk method in line with DoCRA (DoCRA.org), we can help. HALOCK partners with you to establish reasonable security controls based on your organization’s mission, objectives, and obligations. Fill out the form, and we will contact you shortly.

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