Media And Entertainment IT Services

The media and entertainment industry is rapidly changing as users opt for online streaming services and on-demand viewing over traditional content consumption. Though as entertainment information technology evolves, companies often find themselves struggling to keep pace with legacy systems that simply weren’t designed to handle the volume, variety and velocity of this information at scale.

This is especially problematic when it comes to security. As users provide personal and financial data for ongoing entertainment access, companies need in-depth defensive frameworks. At HALOCK, we have the industry experience and technology expertise necessary to deliver media and entertainment IT services capable of identifying potential data breaches, defending against malware attacks, and better ensuring current infrastructure meets evolving compliance requirements.

Here’s how we can help.

Maximizing Media and Entertainment Cyber Security

At HALOCK, we’ve developed a wide range of security services to help IT in the media industry manage proactive prevention at scale, including:

  • Third-party risk management: Third-party services — including data analytics, payment vendors and KPI measurement applications — are critical to make sure certain entertainment information technology keeps pace with consumer and stakeholder expectations. Yet these services also introduce potential risk. Third-party management from HALOCK helps identify and mitigate potential risks before they negatively impact your business.
  • Security Management: Understand your risk threshold and security posture through comprehensive services such as risk assessments, enhancing policies and procedures, security awareness training, gap analysis and more.
  • Comprehensive security maintenance: Security systems require ongoing maintenance and evaluation to assure they deliver proactive protection over time. HALOCK can help your team verify that controls are always capable of defending key data.
  • Incident Response and Forensic Services: Ensure you are prepared in the event of a cyber attack such as ransomware. Prepare your teams to be ready to respond immediately to security incident to detect, contain, eradicate, and remediate the incident through an incident response plan, cyber security incident response training (CSIRT), and technology review. Understand how a vulnerability was exploited through our thorough forensic analysis and learn how to best protect your data going forward.
  • Data privacy and compliance: Current privacy controls may not meet evolving compliance standards. From personal information protection to proper handling of PCI DSS data, our data privacy and compliance services reduce regulatory risk that include HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS, and CMMC Readiness.
  • Security engineering services: Our media and entertainment IT services also include security engineering solutions. Let HALOCK’s expert team assist with the design and deployment of on-premise and cloud security solutions such as sensitive data scanning to maximize media network protection.
  • Security threat management: Media and entertainment cyber security threats are evolving as attackers look for ways to compromise critical systems and leverage existing vulnerabilities to access protected data. From phishing attacks designed to bypass human security controls to advanced persistent threats that take residence in IT systems, entertainment organizations can benefit from advanced security threat management that includes expert analysis, on-demand altering, and comprehensive guidance to help reduce overall risk.
  • Network and application penetration testing: Where is your entertainment IT infrastructure vulnerable? Which media apps represent potential weak points in data protection? Complete penetration testing from HALOCK helps your team identify and remediate small cyber security issues before they become bigger data breaches – from internal and external networks, wireless, web application, social engineering, and remediation verification.


Media Entertainment Cyber Security

Why HALOCK for IT in the Entertainment Industry?

At HALOCK, we recognize the rapidly changing nature of media and entertainment IT services. As consumers shift to online, on-demand media consumption models, the potential for personal and financial security threats exponentially increases. This puts media and entertainment companies in the difficult position of achieving robust security with configurations and controls that were never designed to manage data volumes at scale and speed.

By framing experience and expertise within our purpose-driven security framework, we’re able to design and deploy custom-built cyber security solutions that deliver peace of mind and improved operational performance.

Expand your reach and capture audience confidence with security solutions from HALOCK. Let’s talk.