Data Privacy Compliance

Do you know all the privacy compliance preferences that apply to your customers?

Key Benefits of Data Privacy Compliance

Electronic transactions are growing, meaning more data to manage. Plus, data privacy compliance rules continually change. Organizations must securely manage all this information according to various regulations – a substantial challenge. The future of your business relies on how you respect consumer data privacy, which is why your privacy procedures are crucial to understand, secure, and enhance. Compliance requirements may require more resources to uphold, the valuable benefits strengthen your customers’ trust in your brand, enable you to better manage your risk, and avoid non-compliance fines.

Developing an in-depth data privacy strategy offers multiple benefits for your business, including:

  • Consistency — Consistent data privacy compliance ensures data is effectively secured at scale.
  • Control — Granular control of privacy compliance allows your organization to develop purpose-driven cyber security.
  • Communication — Enhanced data privacy strategy empowers communication across business departments.

Privacy Compliance CCPA CPRA GDPR Risk

Building Your Privacy Compliance Program

HALOCK’s Privacy Solution simplifies this complex process for you. From conducting data inventory – how you apply your current data privacy controls and processes – to aligning those processes to appropriate privacy compliance regulations such as PCI DSSHIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), we can help with recommended next steps in a comprehensive deliverable report and build effective CCPA compliance solutions and more.

At HALOCK, we’re committed to helping clients develop robust privacy compliance programs that both improve information governance and reduce total risk. Our privacy compliance software lets you identify critical data assets and deploy privacy by design, while best-of-breed data privacy controls empower staff to deploy purpose-driven information governance.

Even better? HALOCK experts have your back with in-depth privacy compliance experience and expertise.

Easily identify the private data that you need to regulate with Sensitive Data Scanning.

Learn more about our comprehensive Risk Management Program to help prioritize your investments while balancing your security, compliance, and business obligations.

CCPA CPRA GDPR Reasonable Security Risk

We can help you through the process seamlessly.

Download the privacy overview and CCPA checklist.

Reasonable Security is Now Defined

The Sedona Conference – an influential think tank that advises attorneys, regulators, and judges on challenging technical matters – just released its Commentary on a Reasonable Security Test. The Commentary is the first document of its kind that provides the legal community with a clear definition of a “reasonable” security control.

HALOCK’s Chris Cronin was a co-author of Commentary on a Reasonable Security Test. To learn how to apply the test, contact us

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