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Build a stronger infrastructure with a comprehensive perspective.

  • Identify your information security priorities and justify improvements. 

  • Get insights and recommendations directly related to breached peer organizations. 

  • Understand your security landscape easily with a full report on findings of your current environment and how to make it better. 

  • Benefit from an evidence-based approach for modeling threats and estimating their likelihood within individual industries.

HALOCK Threat Based Security Architecture Review Analysis

Security Foresight. Establish a HALOCK Industry Threat (HIT) Index.  A HIT can provide keen insights, recommendations and direction into what you need to do to secure your particular enterprise from the risks you will face both today, and tomorrow. 

Industry Landscape: Your Changing Threat Posture

HALOCK is a cyber security consulting firm headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, in the Chicago area and services clients on reasonable information security strategies, risk assessments, penetration testing, security management and architecture reviews, and compliance throughout the US.